Begu Fort

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Chittorgarh, Rajasthan ,

Begu is located 7 kms. off the new National Highway no. 76 (East – West Corridor) midway between Chittorgarh – Kota route.

Begu Fort dates back to 15 th Century AD. It is built over an area of 30 acres. A remarkably wide moat encircles it. The entire fort is further strengthened by a double- wall structure. The wall rising from the moat is 10 to 12 feet wide at the base and it gradually tapers at the top. There are 18 bastions around the fort where cannons were placed. The fort has 8 huge gates. The jail (prison) in the south- west corner of the fort last housed its inmates before 1947, after which India gained independence. There are half a dozen elephant stables (peel khana) besides horse stables. On the western side of the fort lie havelis (mansions) once inhabited by the exchequer of the estate, sub vassals of Begu, temple priests and the majordomo of the palace. Inside the fort there is a garden known as Lal Bagh with a centrally located Lal Bagh Kothi (ancient guest house for visiting dignitaries). There are half a dozen temples and two prominent Jain temples besides the main Dwarkadhish temple devoted to Lord Krishna. . It encompasses more than half a dozen courtyards of various sizes