Coconut Cottage Beach House

Beach House · South · Trinidad & Tobago

Contact Person:
Kerlesha Lemessy
Guayaguayare main road, Guayaguayare
1-868-714-0579 / 1-868-665-0793

About Coconut Cottage
Coconut Cottage beach house is a 3 bedroom (Bed sheets and blankets are provided), 2 bathroom house situated in the scenic seafront of the Guayaguayare Beach.
Coconut cottage contains full kitchen(kitchen utensils are provided), living room, A/C, Direct TV.

About Guayaguayare:
Situated in the Southern end of the county of Mayaro, Guayaguayare was the first part of the island of Trinidad and Tobago to be sighted by Christopher Colombus during his third voyage. Today Guayaguayare has remained a small village but has been able to to contribute positively to the countries economy due to its off-shore oil and gas drilling and exploration. It has also been about to remain as one of the Island’s most beautiful places that continually attract international companies, business personnel and tourist.