De Lorient Hotel

Hotel/Resort · India · South

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Pondicherry , Tamil Nadu

the Hotel de l’Orient – is an 18th century French home .

It is a fine example of indigenous French architecture with high ceilings and pastel walls surrounding a courtyard of domestic proportions.

The period rooms dating back to the 18th century – now all air-conditioned, have been refurbished with fine pieces of collector’s art and furniture in a contemporary, uncluttered feel. Named after former French possessions in India, each room has an object symbolizing the region in which the French-occupied town was in.

Art treasures, French colonial beds, chests of drawers, intricate study tables, planters chairs (“Pondicheriennes”), interesting lamps and objects, French engravings, etchings, aquarelles, lithographs from the 18th and 19th century, and several Indian oleographs revive an authentic scent of the old French lifestyle in India, making it the ideal choice for discerning directors that endeavour to portray a history.

The premises offer opportunities for outdoor shots without any external disturbances and vast opportunities for creative directors who can adapt their locales with an inventive imagination.

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