Beau Manguier villa

Mauritius · North · Villa

Contact Person:
Shirley Pitot
Coastal Rd, Grand Bay

Beau Manguier villa is a quintessence of beauty lying in a peaceful haven. The entrance to the villa is private and the parking is separated from the garden by an old and imposing sculpted Java wooden door on which are fixed big oriental metal knobs. When opening the big doors, you will be enchanted by the long pool of slate and the clapping sound of the water being poured into the pool by the two Balinese goddesses who gracefully stand by the water. In the middle of the pool lies a big wooden and thatched kiosk which invites one to relax and gaze into the luxuriant vegetation around the pool while listening to the birds chirping. But the charm of the Beau Manguier villa Mauritius also extends to the large terrace which opens onto the garden and the villa and whose ceiling is magnificently covered with ‘ravenale’ leaves emanating from the traveller’s plant. Also enchanting is the small flowery garden by the side of the villa where one can sip tea in the evenings, the BBQ corner under the mango tree or the outdoor bath tub in the private garden of the master bathroom. The decoration is sober but chic, the furniture is made in Balinese wood and the floors are tainted concrete following tradition in Mauritius.