Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Shoot At My Place. We are an online location database, providing access to private locations that might be used in motion pictures, television and other types of productions.

This platform for owners to list your property/properties is offered to you conditional upon your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Business. Your use of the Shoot At My Place web site at www.shootatmyplace.com constitutes your acceptance of all these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to be legally bound by these terms, please do not use our web site nor our services. Our Terms of Business may change at any time; you are advised to check each time you use our services, as you will be bound by the Terms and Charges applicable at the time.

Below are our terms and conditions:

1. Owners can enlist their property by filling out the ‘List your Property’ form .
2. Owners are requested to choose the right category for their location.
3. Any owner who wishes to discontinue can do so by contacting us and we will remove the enlisted property.
5. Shoot At My Place will not be involved/responsible in/for any negotiations and financial transactions between the owner and the client.
6. The owner has the right to charge any fees to the client for use of the property .
7. The Owner reserves the absolute right to refuse the booking without giving a reason.
8. Shoot At My Place is not responsible for the property enlisted by the owner.
9. When a property is hired by the client, Shoot At My Place is in no way responsible or involved in the shooting process.


“Location Database”: the database and/or web database of www.shootatmyplace.com
“Property”: the premises or land which is made available for hire.
“Client”: any company, individual or third party interested in hiring the Property for shooting purpose.
“Owner”: the individual, company or legal entity which owns, controls or represents the Property.
“Charges”: the fee that Owners have to pay to get their Property enlisted on www.shootatmyplace.com
“Shoot”: the use of a Property by the Hirer, whether for the purposes of filming, photography, or any other kind of event.